Stoa Poilikle intends to discuss, comment and ponder writings, thoughts and actions of the great characters of the Ancient World.

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing an immense need for deeper and steadier values and suffering a strong lack of introspective exploration. A more contemplative and profound approach to life – as it used to be in our early culture – could be an answer to these present days’ uncertainties and vastly diffused restlessness.

The commentary obviously neither dares to lecture nor to contribute to any scientific progress. The editorials merely wish to remind to a wider public the invaluable experience of the early thinkers, scientists, philosophers, orators, authors and literates of the Ancient world. They, to a certain extent, have already lived the same sudden changes and painful events, and have certainly experienced our same contradictions due mostly to the consistency of human nature, rather than caused by temporary epochal circumstances.

Stoa Poilikle is not an escape to the past, but a proposition for a wiser reinterpretation of the present. Everyone is warmly invited to participate.

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  1. A quality site for my students, thank you

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